3 Yacht Management is a provider of bespoke, tailored yacht management services to private owners and family offices.

Our focus is to deliver the safest and most efficient yacht management operations to enhance our clients yacht ownership experience and to safeguard their investment.

We are dedicated to delivering just yacht management services so we can solely focus on protecting our clients’ best interests at all times. We recognise each client is different and tailor our services accordingly to work seamlessly alongside their private office, captain, broker, corporate service provider or representative as required.

We provide full operational management support to our clients delivered on a 3:1 ratio via a ‘management pod’ of experts. Each pod has it’s own senior operations manager, yacht manager, administrator and accounts manager to ensure all our yachts receive the resources necessary from a close-knit shore support team.

Our developed systems draw on first-hand knowledge from decades of experience of managing yachts as managers, captains and crew. We believe from this understanding and knowledge leads to exceptional yacht management through Captain, Manager and Yacht collaborating as one team to drive and improve every yachting experience the owner has.

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Outsourcing the management, administration and regulatory compliance of a yacht has become integral to successful yacht ownership. The value added is essential in today’s yachting environment.

Selecting the right yacht management service to oversee these vital tasks is imperative. That’s why at 3 we’ve made the transfer and integration of new yacht’s into our fleet a straight forward and time efficient process with a specialised integrations team that simply listens, understands and delivers. On hand at short notice our integrations team can facilitate the entire process from beginning to end until systems are integrated, captain and crew are familiarised and owners teams are briefed before handing over to the yacht’s dedicated manager.

Whether you are reviewing yacht management providers prior to a purchase, your yacht is managed in-house or you are considering new external management options, please contact 3 to arrange a discreet and confidential appointment to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Yacht Management is what we know and solely what we do.

We understand yachting more than most. Working from the deck up, our founders have all lived and worked on yachts for many years and know how best to support them. Yacht management is at the core of everything we do.

100 years of combined maritime expertise. The founders experience and knowledge in and around yachts is unparalleled. Our experience and professional expertise blends the best practices of the commercial maritime management sector to the yachting arena, lead by shore based yacht managers, captains and crew.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional yacht management services for owners around the globe and have been doing so for many years. Whilst recognising our strength is our experience, we continue to develop, to challenge the norm, to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of our clients. We strive for excellence and will continue to improve the way our yachts are managed.

  • Accredited ISM systems
  • Flag endorsed Mini-ISM services
  • ISPS Services and Security Training
  • MLC Compliance
  • Flag and Regulatory Administration
  • Classification Society Consultancy
  • Coding Compliance Services
  • Crew Training

As a yacht management company we are entirely focused on the operational needs of your yacht and nothing else.

We aim to develop a culture of responsibility and safety onboard and consider the safety, security and financial efficiency of a yacht to be the key fundamentals of its operations.

We deliver bespoke safety management systems to a range of commercial and privately operated yachts of all sizes. We are trained and prepared for any situation with a 24/7 emergency response team.

Our accredited team of yacht accountants provide trusted support and a complete transparent financial supervision service for your yachts accounts.

Our financial services have been developed over many years of yacht management in response to the needs of the owners we serve. We support their captains and their private offices with a 24/7 online platform, offering real time overviews of P&Ls and asset balance sheets, backed by robust procurement controls.

We provide our yachts with multi-currency operating accounts, pre-paid credit cards and daily invoice processing. If requested, a dedicated procurement officer can oversee and process a yacht’s expenditures on behalf of the captain. Thus benefiting the yacht with trade discounts and increased transparency of an integrated purchase ordering system with an owner’s office.

A yacht’s financial systems should be no different from that of a multi-million euro business. We understand this more than most, that’s why our owners can quickly establish the trust and peace of mind needed to enjoy their yacht, assured in the knowledge that their yacht’s operational expenditures are controlled in a professional and transparent way.

Once a yacht’s ownership and fiscal operating structures have been established, we maintain the yachts ongoing fiscal administration ensuring compliance with the highly regulated charter activities a commercial yacht must undertake.

3 can guide you through these complexities and has many years of experience doing so by combining the balance needed to satisfy a yacht’s commercial status, with a beneficial owners personal use.

Working with a yacht’s charter central agent, we provide the link between a yacht’s corporate administrator, it’s fiscal representatives throughout Europe and the captain. This ensures the ever-changing maritime laws and charter taxation laws are efficiently managed. Vital to ensuring free circulation throughout EU waters and to maximise a charter yacht’s third party revenue income.

Our fiscal management services also extend to ensure a yacht’s procurement planning fully benefits from a yacht’s EU commercial status, thus providing significant cost savings for our clients. It will also extend to manage a yacht’s operations outside of the EU, where commercial rules and regulations can vary considerably from country to country and where pre-planning for non-EU cruising is essential to maintain a yacht’s compliance status.

Our comprehensive corporate service providers ensure specialist advice is at hand for the incorporation of the owning structure, importation and VAT management planning for our clients.

Whether a yacht is operated privately or commercially the corporate ownership must be thoroughly considered and balanced with the type of use a beneficial owner requires, the location and time onboard.

Our insight as operational managers enable us to offer our clients the insight from a global perspective. We take into account the factors effecting corporate ownership and assess these against the operational use of the yacht, it’s third party charter activities and revenues and the impact these variables will have on operating costs.

Insurance markets are ever changing and with our established Lloyds brokers partners we provide our clients with an overview of market options when placing cover and claims administration for the duration of the policy. The value of insurance is when you claim. We understand this more than most and have delivered seamless claim administration to our clients over the years and have never had a claim declined.

Your purser ashore. Your captain’s PA. Our highly connected yacht administrators provide these essential supporting roles to assist the yacht’s captain and head of departments when there simply isn’t enough hours in the day.

Having performed these roles at sea, our shore-side support teams fully understand the dynamic roles the HODs need to deliver day in day out. We recognise for a yacht’s crew to operate safely and within the requirements of minimum hours of rest, certain tasks historically dealt with onboard, may need to be delegated to competent shore-side personal who are so integrated they seem part of the crew.

From berth bookings, assistance with provisioning, loading the pre-paid cards, organising crew travel at preferential seaman fares to guest concierge planning.

Our engineering support services provide a framework of technical support to the yacht’s engineering crew to ensure the yacht is well maintained with continuous maintenance programs and technical support.

From mechanical, structural, naval architecture, AV, IT and engineering systems. We make sure the yacht is running at its optimum performance, safely and reliably.

Our experienced engineering staff are on hand to assist, to offer a second opinion and to help manage each technical element onboard.

Experiences enjoyed in yachting, stem from a yacht’s crew.

We focus more on your crew’s wellbeing than anyone else. With career progression paths, structured holiday procedures, rotational crew planning, access to excellent medical care, training and remuneration incentive plans, we aim to achieve far more than regulatory MLC requirements, we were crew and understand their needs so your crew can excel.

We monitor a crew’s progress with personal KPIs agreed together and reviewed annually. We monitor ourselves on continuity rates and where these fall below our expectations, we assess and analyse why. A happy, consistent crew is essential for any owner. The same face and person that knows what you like to do makes the difference to every stay you have onboard.

Crew administration is a core aspect of our services. We guide you through the complex crew manning and employment structures. We manage seafarer contracts, payroll and structure salary guidelines.

Whether it’s a major refit or simply routine maintenance 3 can assist with its PREfit service with all the necessary pre-refit planning requirements needed to ensure a successful refit period.

As a yacht’s refit will inevitably fall at the end of a busy season, our PREfit service has been developed specifically to assist yacht captains during their busy operating seasons to assist with all of their pre-refit planning and preparations.

At all times we are available to support the captain with these arrangements to ensure all aspects of the pre-refit planning stages are completed.

Upon arrival at the selected shipyard, we then handover the project management to the captain – providing a PREfit manual plus offering support and assisting as and when required for the duration of the refit.

Planning and preparation for any yard period is vital and our PREfit support is key to reducing downtime and minimising costs.

3 Yacht Management acts exclusively for family offices and private clients - we support clients and their advisers in all aspects of their superyacht ownership and operational needs with bespoke and dedicated yacht management support designed to dovetail seamlessly into a private client’s single or multiple family office structure.

With 15 years of superyacht management knowhow, the founding partners of 3 understand the unique demands and obligations a family office have in order to safeguard a client’s superyacht investment, whilst meeting every expectation of the owner’s requirements to ensure the enjoyment of their yacht is without compromise.

They have been delivering efficient and safely run superyachts around the globe for the world’s wealthiest families for many years and now offer this knowledge and experience through 3 to family offices and private clients that require the complexity of yacht management simplified and maintained in-house with expert support.

When purchasing a luxury yacht or a yacht in build, having the right information to hand and qualified support is imperative.

Detached from commercial influences, 3 offer an impartial pre-ownership assessment service for new owners or their brokers, that exclusively represents the best interests of the buying client.

Before starting your superyacht journey, be fully briefed from an impartial expert on all operational aspects from commercial activities, budgeting, crewing requirements, maintenance periods and re-sale values to get the whole picture.